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Up to 80% cheaper than
Swisscom or Sunrise!!

• Top Quality!
• Without registration!
• Without monthly basic charge!
• You only start paying when your call is answered on the other side

How it is functioning:

IMPORTANT:  you only start paying when your call is answered on the other side! The announcement of the tariff, the entering of the number & the waiting until the call is being answered (the ringing on the other side) are COMPLETELY free of charge!

This is how you are calling with the CALLto.ch numbers:

Search the country you want to reach in the tariff list.
Choose the belonging access number and wait until the connection has been made.
Dial the country-code, the area code and then the telephone number of the person you want to call. Finish your choice with the # - key.
That’s all!

For example: when you want to call really cheap to Kenia, first choose the belonging access code, then the complete land code (00254) and then the area code (without 0) and telephone number.

So: 0900 300 333 (from fixed network: 0.10 per call and 0.25 per minute) – wait for the connection – 00254 / area code without 0 / telephone number.

When you enter one of our access codes, you will first hear our charge announcement. So already before starting the telephone call you are informed about the incurring costs. A list of all access codes and destinations you will find here.

You are being charged normally with your Swisscom invoice. The telephone charges appear under the heading “0900 service numbers”.

You can use our cheap CALLto.ch service immediately! Without extra registration! If you have got any questions, just click here.