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Up to 80% cheaper than
Swisscom or Sunrise!!

• Top Quality!
• Without registration!
• Without monthly basic charge!
• You only start paying when your call is answered on the other side

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do I have to pay when the number is occupied, so from which moment on do I have to pay?
Answer:  You only start paying when your call is answered on the other side! The announcement of the tariff, the entering of the number & the waiting until the call is being answered (the ringing on the other side) are completely free of charge!
Question: are there any additional costs to the 0900.costs?
Answer: No, you only have to pay the 0900-tariff (incl. VAT) und no further additional costs. The charge-free announcement protects you against unrequested surprises.
Question: do I pay per minute or per second?
Answer: This depends on your provider to whom you are paying your basic charge (mostly Swisscom). Please ask this concerning questions directly your provider.
Question: How much is CALLto.ch charging actually?
Answer: you only are paying the real call charges. That is: no additional monthly charges or something like that. Connection charges 0900 numbers: CHF 0.10. Furthermore all costs are incl. VAT.
Question: why is CALLto.ch cheap like this?
Answer: CALLto.ch can be cheap like this because everything is functioning automatically. We are a small team, we don’t have a customer call centre and we don’t send additional invoices.
Question: Do I have to be registered before I can make telephone calls with CALLto.ch?
Answer: No, you don’t have to be registered.
Question: Can I use the CALLto.ch access numbers with my mobile phone?
Answer: Yes! You are paying the 0900-tariff plus the additional charge for 0900 calls of your mobile provider!
Question: I am no Swisscom client. Can I all the same call with CALLto.ch?
Answer: no problem! Just choose our CALLto.ch access numbers before calling and already you are calling to our low prices!
Question: Is it possible to use the CALLto.ch access numbers from a telephone cabin?
Answer: Yes! You are paying the 0900-tariff plus the telephone cabin surcharge.
Question: How am I being charged for your service?
Answer: Very easy. The calls you made with our access numbers are specified separately on your Swisscom invoice (under the heading “connection with 0900”). You can just pay the amount together with your normal Swisscom invoice.